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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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New Page - Herb Evans' Heresy Helps for Evangelists and Pastors.
Apologetic Papers and Booklets
These are papers written by me, or written by someone else and answered by me.
Baptist Chain-link Successionism Exposed - This article is in response to the Baptist Chain Link that was offered in the Indianapolis Baptist Temple brief to prove it was a New Testament church. I took three other similar lists from other sources and compared them. Surprising results! And pretty funny too.
An Anti-Calvinist Answered Logically- His article was called "Proud to be Called a Calvinist?" I am not a Calvinist, but I just cannot see someone else misrepresenting facts this badly. I had to answer.
US vs. IBT Article Answered - Greg Dixon does his normal "Jerry Springer" exaggerations throughout this paper intended to sensationalize his case and get support. I answered, not that it would do me any good, but because it needed to be answered.
Woman's Head Coverings - Is it Scriptural for a Christian woman to wear a covering, or is this a perversion of following Catholic Greek Texts which command this for Nuns, who are married to the Roman Catholic Church? This booklet examines all the hype, exegetes the Scriptural passages, and asks some tough questions of those who propogate "Hair" Coverings. This has changed people's minds, so do not read it if you will not consider the issue.
The Rock: A Hard Lesson- Well, you won't believe it anyway if I tried to explain. It's short, so just read it and then you will know. It's an Allegory.
Calvinist vs. Biblicist - Pastor John Steven Brown sent out this ridiculous (in my opinion) rendition of 1 John 2:2. Because there were impressionable young men who also received this email, I responded to it. (A Biblicist is neither a Calvinist nor an Arminian.)
Calvinist vs. Biblicist 2 - The follow-up emails between us got me pretty silly and sarcastic. I was just trying to be consistent. The Bible interprets the Bible.

Courtship Articles:
What is Courtship - by Bill Gothard - Mr. Gothard explains the benefits of Courtship. This is a good starting paper to read if you are unfamiliar with Courtship.
The Courtship Testimony of Shane and Amy Anderson - This couple explains first-hand about their wonderful experience with Courtship.
Message on Courtship - This is the message I have given for years on Courtship. Courtship is NOT the opposite of Dating.
Courtship: A Love Story - Another wonderful testimony of young people who have gone the Courtship route.

Church Polity Book

Church Polity: In Defense of One Pastor

by Benjamin Townsend

This book is in response to a Plurality of Elder Rule to the exclusion of one Pastor. It answers 25 questions concerning what I believe Scripture and History tell us concerning the church polity of True Churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. Included are four appendixes that answer further objections and make clarifications. This book has had rave reviews from pastors, and not so good reviews from elders.

Book Cover

Table of Contents - The Questions are the Chapter headings.


Pages 1-34

Pages 35-55

Pages 56-80

Pages 81-101

Appendix 1 -Answering critical comments made concerning portions of the book by others.

Appendix 2 -An English lesson proving "in every" is a singular phrase using Supreme Court documents with identical phrases.

Appendix 3 -Exegeting the Greek passages of "in every church" and "in every city," proving the noun preceding the phrase is singular.
Appendix 4 -Using the inexhaustive Oxford English Dictionary to prove, with sentence illustrations from the dictionary, that "elders in every church" and "elders in every city" are singular "elders" placed.