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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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This page will help those who are interested in the Baptist Associations in early America. Dr. Wright and I obtained these during our past research trip to the Library of Congress. To my knowledge, this is the only website that contains any of these documents. We possess most of the published minutes and circular letters of nearly every Baptist Association from 1770 to 1819. These minutes contain the Baptist pastors' response to the War of Independence and the War of 1812. Detailed accounts of church growth in association churches are present in all minutes, along with pastors' names. These were quite helpful to us when ascertaining the Baptist pastors' view of Church Incorporation. If you are interested, I will point out those minutes that showed their view of incorporation of a Baptist church to be "unChristian surrender to the State (EEOC v. Townley, 1988)."
We have the minutes of the following Baptist Associations in early America:
Bethel Association - South Carolina, started in 1791
Boston Association - Started from Warren Association in 1811
Bowdoinham Associaion - Maine, started in 1790
Bracken Association - Published minutes in 1803 only
Charleston Association- South Carolina, started in 1751, started printing minutes in 1774
Danbury Association - Connecticut, started in 1790 (Note, this is the Association that Thomas Jefferson wrote stating his "wall of separation" between the church and state.)
Elkhorn Association - Kentucky, started in 1792
Georgia Association - started publishing minutes in 1788, 1794, 1804
Ketocton Association - Published minutes in 1797, 1811, 1812
Leydon Association - Massachusetts, started in 1800
Long Run Association - Kentucky, started in 1803
Middle District Association - Virginia, started in 1791
New Hampshire Association - New Hampshire, started in 1790
New York Association - New York, started in 1791
Philadelphia Baptist Association- Pennsylvania, started in 1707, the minutes started being published in 1769
Salem Association - Kentucky, started in 1802
Shaftsbury Association - Vermont, started in 1786
Stonington Association - Connecticut, started in 1787
Sturbridge Association - Massahusetts, started in 1803
Vermont Association - Vermont, started in 1790
Warren Association- Rhode Island, started in 1769
Warwick Association - New York, started in 1791
Woodstock Association - Vermont, started in 1789
We will be placing samples of these minutes on this website over a period of time. I trust they will be a blessing to you. Other samples will go on the "Law" page if they purtain to Church Incorporation, so you may check there also.