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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Here are the speakers at this year's ELC Bible Conference. The conference theme was "Faithfulness." Several messages revealed the Faithfulness of God.
The Fearless ELC Director
Presenting Pastor James Beatty with an award for over 30 years of Faithfulness to the Lord at one church.
Pastor Ben Mott bringing the ringing message of the Faithfulness of God.
Pastor Mike Hoover, now pastoring in Indiana, preaches at his second straight ELC Conference.
Yes, it's the dreaded Herb Evans, preaching on the Faithfulness of God's Word.
Bro. John Cook led in the rousing congregational singing, the likes of which we have never heard here. "And, Can It Be" demanded a full repeat. He also sang several touching songs.
Pastor Phil Jonker is always a blessing with solid Bible preaching.
The Fearless Director of ELC West, Dr. J.R. Wright
And our Warhorse, Dr. Lloyd Shepherd
Stephen Beatty about shook the church with his preaching. Several came up out of their seats about a foot.
Pastor Paul Beatty of West Virginia straightens out Pastor Ben Mott of Detroit on a doctrinal issue no doubt.
The whole group of preachers gather one final time.
More conference pictures are here.