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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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The new Law Center book is now printed and can be ordered. This book is in a beautiful, hardcover addition with a dust jacket you can see below.
This is the follow-up book to Approved By God: A Case for Modern Disestablishment. This new book reveals the procedures of how the ELC works through cases.
Read the Table of Contents HERE.
Sample chapter on the Declaration of Trust HERE.
Read the Introduction of the book HERE.
Dr. Wright and I worked on this book for four years, spending weeks in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. while doing the research.
Retail, the book will cost $23.95 in bookstores, plus shipping.
To obtain your own copy directly from us, send a check for $20 to:
Dr. Ben Townsend
P.O. Box 11
Mesick, MI 49668
We will ship your book postage free back to you. This free postage will be for one or two books only.
For orders of 10 to 27 books, they will cost only $15 each, but will include a $10 shipping fee per 10 books. So, to order 10 books, include a check of $160 (10 x $15 + $10shipping) to the address above. For 20 books, include a check of $320 (20 x $15 + $20Shipping) to the address above.
A case of books includes 28 books. A case will cost $400 (Approx. $14.25 per book, a savings of $9.60 off the retail price), plus shipping at normal postal shipping rates. Normal shipping rates are about $15 Media Mail (Book Rate), about $24 Parcel Post (5-7days), and about $30 for Priority (2-3 days). Please e-mail for this arrangement and for final price.
Inside Flyleaf and a more readable back page: