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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Okay, I guess I'll admit the website is getting some recognition. It's very humbling, I can tell you.
Not only is it cheap, but I think it is rather unique. I just hope you don't keep referring to me as "cheap Ben."
Oyvey! If I'm going to be a plant, I want to be a Rhododendrum.
Now there's a new advertising twist for you enterpreneurs to try out. See if your local police department will sell you space on all their vehicles. It's pretty cheap if you just stencil it yourself when they are getting donuts or something. That's what I did here.
Yes, as the 2003 ELC Golf Champion, they decided to name a golf course in my honor. This is one of the sand traps on the first hole. You have to drive 250 yards over the trap in order to see the green. I designed it myself.
Talk about the local police helping advertise... if you are nice to them, they will repay the favor.
New in July -
New Paperback Book coming out this year.
Thanks S.T. It's my favorite pie, and my favorite website. Yum!
This just came in from some guy named "The Professor." The back of the note listed six other castaways with him. Hmmm...
Did I tell you that one of my grandsons is a genius with his Etch-A-Sketch?
That's not funny, Dr. Wright!! Just because you give them thousands of dollars of business each year doesn't mean you are special!
Older than July -
Some Mets fan got this one from the centerfield bleachers.
Thanks guys. You're a hit. Go Boston College Eagles!!!
Thanks Chicago! Did Dr.Thomas Williamson do this? He lives nearby.
Fenway Park, Boston. The answer to the interviewer's question, "So, do you know the secret as to why you are 10-0, and leading the league in strike outs?"
Good advice when you are down 35 to 0 starting the second half. Thanks Cheerleaders!
Well, there goes all the Democrats away from the website; and a lot of Republicans too. Hey, I take endorsements from anybody. Okay? It's all about Time.
Thanks, Dr. Erickson! I know Doctors everywhere are prescribing this website for those who are emotionally distraught thanks to their Associate Pastors. Sorry about revealing your sickness, Dr. Wright.
Thanks so much folks. We love you too.
Thanks Pastor Myers. Read my Doctrine Page, huh? Need to Reform some more? Good.
Well, Tom Cruise is NOT MY favorite actor either. So there!
Other Marquees I have had the privilege of being on:
And Big Macs are my favorite. The special sauce, all beef patties, etc. Sent in by W.P. in Illinois.
Dunkin' Donuts are good, but it's the Moosetracks at Baskin Robbins that I go for. But thanks for the Law Enforcement endorsement. Sent by T.S. in Florida.
Short and sweet; what else can I expect? It's a small sign. Thanks. Sent in by RD in Indiana.
This is great. Supposedly it is from Interstate 80 in Iowa. Thanks to V.L. in Davenport.
Yep, it was Interstate 80 in Iowa.
This will really make my Mom-in-law proud of her Son-in-law. Thanks to alert website regular J.S. from Michigan.
Wow! Now I've made the big-time. I've often thought this would be a good name for the business if Marty Roberson ever started his own dry-wall company.
Well, Mickie-D's leads in the fast food category. Thanks to L.P. in Minnesota.
Right here in Michigan. Thanks B.B. I knew you had some pull. Now, can I have a free Frosty?
You get fined double for not slowing down while on the website and looking at every page. Sent in by alert Website regular M.C. from Portland.
These are some odds and ends, sent in by website regulars.
Okay Larry, you wanted to be on a website; you got your wish. I see you have read my heading.
The tape measure is a dead give-away. Come out from behind that banner Gary. And thanks for the endorsement. (What a coward though.)
Okay, I think I recognize this hand. I've seen it raised just like this when I ask the person what their I.Q. is. Nice touch. Yeah, I picked you, hands down.
This one gets the "Clever Award."
To answer your question,
you didn't make it,
but your hand did.
Celebrity Endorsements. These really blew me away. All I can say is "thanks."
No wonder he was a genius. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure this stuff out.
Okay, Dr. Thompson e-mailed me and said this was some guy called David Letterman who is on TV. His top ten list was the question, "What makes Mesick, Michigan so popular?" I was number one. Number 2 was the Mushroom festival, Number 3 was the Family Dollar Store, etc.
I know, I know. It looked bogus to me also. That T.H. of Indiana is such a card. However, this can be verified by Bill Gates' YouTube speech at the last Microsoft briefing in Seattle. You can find it here -
It's not a celebrity, but it is someone's mother, and I'm not just whistlin'.