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I have never done this before, so if I get it wrong, someone please tell me.
1.Benjamin Earl Townsend, Jr. - b. 8 July 1954, Evansville, IN
Married 19 March 1977 - Debbie Kay Summers - b. 29 Jan 1955, Detroit, MI
Children -
    1. Jennifer Joy - b. 19 March 1978, Evansville, IN
    2. Jessica Joy - b. 19 Oct. 1981, Evansville, IN
    3. Jeremy Benjamin - b. 30 March 1986 - d. 11 Sept 2001, Indianapolis, IN
    4. Bethany Summer-Blythe - 17 Nov. 1989, Indianapolis, IN
2.Benjamin Earl Townsend, Sr - b. 14 April 1920 - d. 13 May, 2001, Evansville, IN
Married - Reva Adair Cole 16 April 1952
3. Bailey Wayne Townsend - b. 7 Feb. 1897, Webster County, KY. - d. 6 Sept 1974, Evansville, IN
Married - Beatrice Mary Newman - b. 10 Sept 1902, d. 16 May 1930
Children -
    1. Benjamin Earl Townsend, Sr.
    2. Roy Lee Townsend
    3. Olin Wayne Townsend
    4. Ralph Townsend
4.Robert Mack Townsend - b. 19 Nov 1865, d. 9 Feb 1942
Married 19 Nov 1885 - Mary Catherine Wineberger (Weinberger) - b. 20 Sept 1869, d. 13 Oct 1901
Children -
    1. Bailey Wayne Townsend - b. 7 Feb 1897
    2. Mertie M Eastwood - b. 1887
    3. Lala E Grant - b. Dec 1889
    4. William T Townsend - b. 19 April 1891
    5. Bethel L Townsend - b. Sept 1893
    6. Lou Eva Townsend - b. 21 April 1895
    7. Bistle C Townsend - b. May 1899
5. William Thomas "Buck" Townsend, b. 4 Jul 1837, Person NC - d. 3 Feb 1889, Vanderburg, Webster Co, KY
Married 11 May 1857 - Mary Elizabeth McGregor - b. 1837 - d. 16 May 1864 Townsend Cemetery, Webster Co, KY
Children -
    1. Robert Mack Townsend - b. 19 Nov 1865
    2. Alfred L Townsend - b. Aug 1862
    3. Jane Townsend Riggs - b. 1868
    4. Dora Townsend - b. 1869
6. William B. Townsend - b. 11 Apr 1803, Mecklenburg Co, VA - d. 8 Sep 1888, Vanderburg, Webster Co, KY. Buried in Townsend Cemetery.
Married 3 Dec 1821 - Mary Norman "Polly" Ramsey - b. 24 May 1803, Person, NC - d. 16 Feb 1880, Webster Co. KY. Daughter of Lewis Ramsey. Buried in Townsend Cemetery.
Children -
    1. William Thomas "Buck" Townsend - b. 4 Jul 1837
    2. John Lewis Townsend - b. 9 Jan 1823 Person Co., NC. Married Delilah Buchanan (b. 1822 in NC) - 29 May 1860 in Hopkins Co., KY. - d. 25 December 1870. Buried in Townsend Cemetery, Webster Co., KY. (First Marriage - Mary Ann Brooks on 17 October 1841.  - b. 21 July 1820 in NC. - d. 25 October 1859. Buried in Townsend Cem.) (6 Children - Lucinda, Nancy A, Bartlett R. "Bartie", Isabella, Louisa, Quincy)
    3. Marvel S Townsend - b. 15 Oct 1826 in NC - d.  3 July 1872. Buried in Townsend Cemetery.
    4. Martha S Townsend - b. 23 Jan 1831 in NC.
    5. Lucinda M Townsend - b. 23 January 1831 in NC. She married Drury Overby II on 21 December 1848 in Hopkins Co., KY. -d. 12 February 1905. Buried in Townsend Cemetery. (They had 14 children - Sarah J, John W, Richard L, Charles, James, Albert, Willis, Queen E, Chris, Marg, Murel, Nancy, William, Mary)
    6. Mary Townsend - b. abt. 1834
    7. James Daniel Townsend - b. 23 Mar 1840 in NC. - d. 12 January 1886. Buried in Townsend Cemetery. Married Matilda ? b. 25 Oct 1840 - d. 10 Oct 1935.  (3 children - Mary A - b. 2 Aug 1876 - d. 4 Oct 1884, Simble, she b. 31 Oct 1870 - d. 15 Oct 1874, J.N., she b. 15 Oct 1866 - d. 23 Apr 1872. All buried in Townsend Cemetery.)
    8. Caroline F Townsend - b. 6 Oct 1828
    9. Elizabeth Ann Townsend -
   10. Francis M. Townsend - HE was b. 1842 in KY. Married Eliza Overby 25 February 1862. (3 children - Lorenzo, Mollie, Lana)
7. John Sr. Townsend - b. 1783, Mecklenburg Co, VA - c. abt 1864, Webster Co, KY (1836 moves to Hopkins/Webster Co. KY)
Married 11 Oct 1801 - Elizabeth Ann (Anna) Green Sizemore - b. Meckenburg Co, VA - d. 16 Apr 1846, Hopkins Co, KY
Children -
     1. James E. Townsend - b. 1812 in Person Co, NC
     2.  William B. Townsend - b. 11 Apr 1803 Mecklinburg Co, VA - d. 1888. Burial in Townsend Cemetery, Webster Co., KY
    3. Martha Townsend - b. 1818 in NC
    4. Mary (Polly) Townsend
    5. Littleton Townsend - b. in NC
    6. Bentley Townsend
    7. Daniel M. Townsend - b. 29 July 1819 in NC. Married Eliza Boyd Dixon 16 July 1841 in Hopkins Co., KY - d. 12 September 1893 in Perrin, Clinton Co,. MO
    8. Thomas Townsend
    9. Norman Townsend
    10. Susan Townsend
    11. Frances Townsend
(See deed transaction below geneologies.) (Note: The Green connect is interesting because they lived next to the Townsend, Sizemore, Newton and Vaughn all off Little Buffalo creek.)
8.William Townsend Jr. - b. 1765, Lunenburg Co, VA - d. Mecklenburg Co, VA
Married - Mary
Children - 1. John Sr. Townsend - b. 1783
9. William Townsend Sr. - b. 1735 - d. 1766, Mecklenburg Co, VA (Last Will #1 Below)
Married - Mary Ann Stone - b. about 1744 Lunenburg Co, VA - d. 7 June 1790 Franklin Co, VA.
     1. Thomas Townsend, b. 1760 - d. before 1837 Morgan Co, MO
     2. Joshua Townsend Sr., b. 5 March 1762 Lunenburg Co, VA - d. after 1840 Jackson Co, AL. Married 18 June 1784 to Elizabeth Caperton. (More Info - #2 and #3 below)
     3. William Townsend Jr., b. 1765 Lunenburg Co, VA
     4. Nancy Townsend, b. 7 December 1766 Lunenburg Co, VA - d. 1835 Franklin Co, MO. She married Daniel Richardson - b. 1750 Kent Island, Queen Anne, MD - d. 16 Nov 1820 Franklin, MO (first married Nancy Ann Scott in Henry, VA, then married Nancy Townsend.)
     5. Daniel Townsend - (m. 13 Dec. 1799, Jencey Townsend by Rev. Matthew Dance. Lunenburg Co. Ministers' Returns. Not verified as correct Daniel.)
     6. Joseph Winn Townsend -
     7. Peter Townsend -
     8. Ann Stone Townsend -
     9. Elizabeth Townsend -
     10. Edith Lavenia Townsend -

#1 - Seems to be the Last Will of William Townsend who we know died in 1766. His son William Jr must have been born after the will was made in 1765. Again, from the Townsend Society of America Website.

"In the name of God amen.  I, William Townson, of Mecklenburg County and parish of St. James being sick of body but of perfect since (sic) and memory do ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form Following (Viz).

"First and principally I recommend my Soul to God that gave it, trusting in the mercys of my Savior forgiveness of my past offences and my body to the Earth to be buried at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter Named and worldly goods it hath pleased God to endue me with, I will and bequeath in the following Manner.

"ITEM:  I will that my Just debts be duly paid.

"ITEM:  I Will and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Mary Townsen all my poole (poor?) Estate during my life and after her death to be Equally divided between my two sons, Joshua and Thomas of this my Will constitute and appoint Mr. Thomas Anderson my sole Executor.  Witness my hand and Seal this 12 day of April 1765.

/Signed with an X/"


#2 - More on Joshua Townsend:

Joshua TOWNSEND or TOWSON, VA Line, was born 5 Mar 1762 in Lunenburg Co, VA & & moved from there to Henry Co, the part that later became Franklin Co, VA & in 1778 he moved to Montgomery Co, VA where he lived at enlistment & afterwards moved to Madison Co, KY & in 1811 to Franklin TN [See 1812 Franklin Co TN Tax List] where he applied 27 Nov 1832� by 1841 he had moved to Northern AL (place not stated)." (RW Pension File

S1730, Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Virgil White)


#3 - Marriage of Joshua Townsend:

Taken from book Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 Vol 2 by

Dorothy Ford Wulfeck published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc Baltimore 1986

Townsen Joshua m. 19 June, 1784, Elizabeth Caperton by Rev. John Alderson, Jr. Rockingham Co. or Greenbrier Co. Ministers' returns.


#4 - In the book "Virginia Colonial Militia", Lunenburg County, September, 1758, Page 75.

Wm. Townsend is listed as a Private. He would have been 23 years old.

Page 38 of the Book "Virginia Ancestors and Adventurers."
Mecklenburg County, Deed Book 22, Page 98
13 May 1826 - Indenture in which William Newton and Martha his wife - Daniel Sizemore and Elizabeth his wife of the County of Mecklenburg in Virginia and John Townsend and Anna, his wife, of the COUNTY OF PERSON IN NORTH CAROLINA - all legatees of John Sizemore, deceased, of the one part, sell to Morgan Puryear of the County of Mecklenburg  in Virginia for $407 100 acres of land in said county of Mecklenburg, on the southside of Dan River (all parties signed before a J.P.  in Mecklenburg County which was certified).
Recorded 15 May 1826
Here is the Actual Deed:
The land transfer of John Sizemore dec'd to Morgan Puryear.
XXX's on deed on words I could not make out.
Need to go over some of legal ease but below is the Deed.

This indenture made this 13th day of May in the year of our Lord 1826 between William Newton and Martha Newton his wife and Daniel Sizemore and Elizabeth Sizemore his wife of the county of Mecklenburg in Virginia and John Townsend and Ann Townsend his wife of Person county North Carolina all legatees of John Sizemore deceased of the one part and Morgan Puryear of the county of Mecklenburg Virginia of the other part. Wit-XXX that the said William Newton, Daniel Sizemore and John Townsend and their wives as aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of $407.00 to them in hand paid by the said Morgan Puryear to with whereof the said William Newton, Daniel Sizemore and John Townsend and their wives doth herby acknowledge hath given, grants, bargained and sold XXX by these presents doth give, grant, bargained and sell and confirm with the said Morgan Puryear and to his heirs and assigns forever, one certain tract or parcel of land laying and lying in the county of Mecklenburg Virginia on the south side of the Dan River containing 100 acres being the same more or less and bounded by the lines of Andy Shipworth, Thomas Jones and the said Morgan Puryear and Jessie Childers and Vince Jackson and XXX Averet, to have to hold the aforesaid grant, bargains and sold land and premises with the appendances into the said Morgan Puryear and to his heirs and assigns forever and the said William Newton, Daniel Sizemore and John Townsend and their wives as aforesaid ( legatees of John Sizemore deceased ) do for transfer and their heirs and assigns warrant and forever defend this aforesaid bargained and sold land and premises with the append-XXX unto the said Morgan Puryear and his heirs and assigns forever against the claim of all persons whatsoever XXX in witness whereof the said William Newton, Daniel Sizemore and John Townsend and their wives as aforesaid hath presents set their hands and affixed their seals the XXX this day and year first above written P-XXX and acknowledged in the presents of

William Newton
Martha her mark Newton
Daniel his mark Sizemore
Elizabeth her mark Sizemore
John his mark Townsend
Ann her mark Townsend
Page 37 of the Book "Virginia Ancestors and Adventurers."
Lunenburg Co. Deed Book 21, Page 31A -
6 October 1806 - We, the undersigned, being of the STATE OF KENTUCKY and COUNTY OF MADISON, we have appointed Thomas Townsend and William Townsend, of the same county and state, our true and lawful attorneys, to recover and receive part of the estate coming to us as the legatees of Richard Stone, deed, of Lunenburg Co., Virginia.
Signed: George Miller, Lovina Townsend, Daniel Richardson, Elen Estes, Andrew Estes, Jacob Williams, Ren Braminett
Acknowledged  and certified before and by Justices of Madison Co., Ky., same date, Recorded Lunenburg Co., Va. 8 January 1807.
There is a will of a William Townsend dated 12ARP1765 book 1 pg. 24 from Mecklenburg VA. Leaves his entire estate to his wife Mary for life and then to his two sons Joshua and Thomas. The executor named is Thomas Anderson. Witnesses: Wm. Wilson, Thomas Cope, Cesah? Wilson and John Jones.
Recorded 11AUG1766 and noted that Mary to serve as executor.
Then an appraisal of Property in Lunenburg County VA of William Townsend SEP1767 completed by James Pullian, John Stone and George McLaughlin.
Last Will and Testament of Richard Stone Sr. (Has references to Townsend grandchildren)
In the name of God, Amen. The seventh day of September in the year of our Lord 1795, I Richard Stone, Senior, being in perfect health and sound memory, thanks be given to God, therefore, yet calling in mind Mortality of body and knowing that it is inevitable for all men, one and all, to die, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, which is to say first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of God that gave it --hoping by the meritorious love and passion of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive full pardon and forgiveness of all sins and for my body I commend to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian manner nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall revive though it ordained by the mighty power of God and such worldly estate as God of his goodness hath blessed me with, I give, devise, bequeath, dispose the same in manner and form following.
     ITEM I lend unto my well beloved wife Mary Stone twenty three negroes of the names following - man Jacob, James, Ned, Gloster, Jack, woman Hannah, Jane, Axey, Milley, Boy Bob, Stephen, Will, Carney, Nelson, Fill, Jacob, Harry, Zibb, girl Mill, Dinah and Temperance, Pan, Salle and all the rest of my estate not before mentioned, both real and personal, she first paying my debts and then my legacies.
     ITEM after my wife deceased it is my will and desire that one negroe man named Gloster, that I have lent my wife, should be sold by my executors and the money to be equally divided amongst my son Thomas Stones children to them and their heirs forever.
     ITEM after my wife's decease I give and bequeath to my son Richard Stone 630 acres of land be the same more or less, also three negroes by the names following - Jacob a man and Hannah a woman, Jacob a boy, also one desk and walnut table to him and his heirs forever;
     ITEM after my wife's decease, I lend to my son in law James Pulliam and Elizabeth, his wife, during their natural lives three negroes of the names following: Stephen, Senr., Temperance a girl and Pan a girl after their deaths to be equally divided among the heirs lawfully begotten of Elizabeth Pulliam, to them and their heirs forever.
     ITEM after my wife's decease I lend to my son in law John Lester and Susannah his wife, during their natural lives three negroes of the names following: Oliver a man, Milley a woman, and Will a boy after their deaths to be equally divided among their heirs, to them and their heirs forever.
     ITEM after my wife's decease, I lend to my son in law Peter Winn and Letty, his wife, four negroes of the names following: Esther, Abraham and Harry after their deaths to be equally divided among the heirs lawfully begotten of Letty Winn, to them and their heirs forever.
     ITEM after my wife's decease I lend to my son in law Philip Snead and Ann his wife, five negroes: Akey a woman, Bob a boy, Stephen a boy, Carney and Salle a girl.
     ITEM after my wife's decease I lend to my son in law Minor Wilkes two negroes: James, Sr. and James, Jr. to him and his heirs forever.
     ITEM after my wife's decease I lend to my son in law William Winn Cockerham two negroes: Harry a man and Vinces a girl to him and his heirs forever.
     ITEM I lend to my granddaughter Ann Stone Townsend two negroes: Mill a girl, and Zibb a boy, also a feather bed and furniture, one leather trunk to her and her heirs forever.
     ITEM it is my will and desire that one negroe man named Jack, that I lent to my wife should be sold by my executors and the money to be divided amongst my daughter Mary Estis's children and given to them and their heirs forever.
     ITEM it is my will and desire that two negroe boys named Nel and Phill should be sold by my executors and the money to be divided amongst my grandchildren Richard Townsend, Thomas Townsend, William Townsend, Daniel Townsend, Joseph Winn Townsend, Peter Townsend, Elizabeth Townsend and Edith Lavinia Winn and their heirs forever.
     Lastly, I make and ordain Richard Stone Jr., Philip Snead, and Peter Winn my executors. I do hereby disavow revoke and annul all other and every other former will, testament, leases, and bequeaths and executors by me in any will before this time named willed, and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written.
     Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Richard Stone to be his last Will and Testament.
In presence of us: Little B Winn, James McLaughlin, Sarah Winn.
[Signed with his mark, an X]
April 13, 1797 proved by the oaths of the witnesses and recorded. Securities: Alexander Winn, Edmund P.Brown, James Smith."
This may or may not be relevent, but it is interesting:
From Volumn 1 Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography

[Page 106]
Townsend, Richard, was born in 1606 or 1607 and came to Virginia in 1620 as an apprentice to Dr. John Pott, afterward governor, who was to teach him the art of an apothecary. The doctor did not carry out his part of the contract satisfactorily to Townsend, who in 1626, complained to the authorities that Pott had neglected to do his duty in the matter. The student of drugs probably abandoned his intended profession when he came of age, and in course of time rose to be one of the leading men of the colony. He was burgess for the plantations between "Archer's Hope" and "Martin's Hundred," in Oct., 1628 and, removing in 1630, to what is now York county, became a commissioner or justice there in 1633, and presiding justice in 1646. Sometime in 1636-37, the secretary in England wrote to the governor and council in Virginia that Capt. Richard Townsend, having been recommended as "an able man for the execution of that service, in respect to his knowledge, of the affairs of the Country," had been appointed a member of the council and that the King directed that he be forthwith sworn. He was probably turned out of office as some of the councillors were at the accession of Wyatt to the governorship, for he appears again as a burgess in 1642. He was again sworn to the council in that year, however, and probably retained his seat until his death, although his name does not appear in that connection later then Feb., 1645-46. Townsend was a prominent man in the colony and acquired considerable tracts of land there by grant. He seems to have made a number of trips to England.


Richard Townsend, arrived in Virginia on the ship Globe of London in 1635.

Francis Townsend, age 21, arrived in Virginia on the ship Globe of London in 1635.

Also, Francis Townsend, age 2, arrived on the Globe of London in 1635.

Francis Townsend settled in Virginia in 1635

Anne Townsend, who landed in Virginia in 1702

Robt Townsend, who arrived in Virginia in 1704


History of the Townsend Name by Col. Elijah C. Townsend of Shullsburg, Wisconsin

As I am the last one living of the Samuel Townsend family of eight children I write this history thinking it is fairly correct. The family is old, even for an English one, tracing its ancester from the year 1275. The origional name was known as Woodville, who lived in London, England. One branch moved to a distant part of the city, who was known as the Woodville of the towns end. Gradually the Woodville name was dropped and became known as Townsend. The family is closely related to Lord Townsend of Rainham, Norfolk county, England, who was an ancestor of the greater part of the Townsends in America. At that time the old English family coat of arms represented a stag and hounds on either side of the shield supporting a crown and stag. The first Townsend who immigrated to America was Richard Townsend, who came in 1620 to Jamestown, Va. In 1634 Thomas Townsend, came to Lynn, Mass; in 1637 Wm. Townsend came to Boston, Mass; in 1644 Martin Townsend to Watertown, Mass; in 1682 Richard Townsend to Philadelphia; in 1712 Josep and John Townsend to Philadelphia; in 1686 John, Henry and Richmond Townsend to Oyster Bay, Long Island, N. Y., afterward settling in Duchess county, New Jersey.