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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Welcome to
"Herb'sHeresy Helps for Evangelists and Pastors"
Have Dr. Herb Evans educate you about this novel, unscriptural, false idea of Kingdom Exclusion, via Joey Faust, et. al. His examination of this false doctrine is referenced below. Please click on the links to go to this area.
Start here reading some "Quotes" from Joey Faust's book. This is downright heresy, as salvation is portrayed so pervertedly, it does not even look like true salvation anymore. -
Newest Apologetics Article: 1 Corinthians 6 - Proper Exposition of these verses concerning "And such WERE some of you..." -
New Article: What about the Vine? Why do men cast branches into the fire? Proper interpretation of the Vine/Branch analogy. -
New Article: Romans 11 Exposition - Proper interpretation of this passage that Kingdom Exclusionists use to promote their false teaching. -
"Apostles of Uncertainty!" - This reveals the false interpretation of the Scriptures the Kingdom Exclusionists use. A powerful article on why every Christian will be in the Millennium. -
Main Link to Apologetic articles and rebuttals from Dr. Herb Evans -
2002 Article on Faust's Baptist Purgatory by Dr. Herb Evans -
Doctrine by Dead Men by Dr. Herb Evans -
Dr. Herb Evans answers Greg Dixon's Kingdom Exclusion beliefs -
Dr. Herb Evans answers Dr. Don Boys -
Don Boys Dead Men's Last Word on Kingdom Exclusion -
Other Sites against Kingdom Exclusion:
Andy Neckar's "On-Line Newsletter" -
(Note: Bro. Neckar seems to know Joey Faust personally. He doesn't seem to care for him too much.) blog from Mark R. Adams -
(Disclaimer: Bro. Adams is not KJB, and holds that mainly it is KJB men who hold to Kingdom Exclusion. I believe he is in error in this, because of the men who have held to KE in the last hundred or so years are not KJB, but needed to correct the Bible in certain areas in order to uphold their false doctrine. Only Joey Faust tries to harmonize the KJB to fit his brand of KE. Plus, the biggest apologists against Kingdom Exclusion are King James Bible men.)
Don't Miss Herb Evans' Blog either. Just click on the Steelers Logo and see for yourself.