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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Church Case

US v. IBT Complete Court Record - This is the Record of the proceedings of the IBT case.

US v. IBT Decision - January 1999 -this was the Summary Judgment denied for the Defense (IBT) with reasons.

US v. IBT Decision - June 1999 - This was the Summary Judgment granted to the US.

US v. IBT Stay of Execution - November 1999 order to maintain property during appeal.

US v. IBT Stay of Execution - February 2000 decision.

US v. IBT Court of Appeals Decision - August 14, 2000

US v. IBT Order to Show Cause - September 2000 decision.

US v. IBT Supreme Court Denial- January 16, 2001.

US v. IBT Order Denying Motion - This April 2001 motion was to unseal documents which were communication between the US Marshal's office and the Court. It was denied.

Jack Taylor v. Commissioner IRS- This January 2000 decision denied Taylor from receiving tax deduction from IRS for donations to IBT.

IBT Case Analysis + Falwell Case Analysis - This is ELC's take on both the IBT case and the Thomas Road Baptist Church case to be allowed to become a corporation.

IBT Corporate Records - This shows the records for the nine corporations that were started while Greg Dixon was pastor of IBT.

IBT Uniform Commercial Code Records - Another seven pages of nothing but records concerning the bank loans and other filings over the years.

IBT Motion for Stay Granted - Judge Barker was gracious enough to grant the church a stay of execution until all their appeals were exhausted. She did not have to do this, but, of course, they still branded her as Satan incarnate.

Other Fun Analysisius (sic) by ME of Papers by Dr. Gregory J. Dixon.

Greg Dixon's Case Analysis with my response - Here is sensationalizing at its best. I tried to tone it down some with logical thinking.

Greg Dixon's response to Dr. Wright, with my response to Greg Dixon- This is a response (Feb. 2007) by Greg Dixon to the IBT case analysis Dr. Wright gave at Church of Kaweah in California. I decided to not allow him to get away without some kind of response back to his. This one is for the Late Dr. Wright.



The Declaration of Trust will effect your church badly! - Dr. Townsend pleads with the Baptist pastors to stop using that document that places the church assets in a Trust and makes the pastor a Trustee.

Declaration of Trust Chapter from "Approved by Man," the ELC 2009 book.

This is the toned down version of the above article which is from our latest Law Center book. I took out all the sarcasm and made it much better written and edited. You get your choice: Above with sarcasm and attitude, or this one written with charm and wit.

The NEW and Latest IBT Declaration of Trust Document - This is the one everyone who is dying to click on and read.

How's that Declaration of Trust Workin' Out for Ya?

Here is the all the proof you need as to why a Declaration of Trust does not help an Unincorporated Church. A letter to the church folks, asking for money for property taxes. Now, it is the "owners" of the property who are supposed to pay the taxes. For example: suppose Indianapolis Baptist Temple is paying, oh, $7000 per month for rent, and suppose the company renting the building is saving, oh, $6000 per month in property taxes. That would be $13,000.00 per month the group is actually getting in benefits; with $6000 per month as a benefit in the form of a government subsidy. Sharp businessmen.

Indianapolis Baptist Temple Satellite Church, the "Church of the Westside" Court Case and Appeal:

Church of the Westside vs. City of Indianapolis - Motion for Preliminary Injunction, or Expedited Appeal. This is a perfect case to see if the "Declaration of Trust" document will work at all. It didn't in the other IBT cases. The ELC handled an identical case like this in St. Augustine, Florida years ago and had marvelous results against that city. 15 pages.

Digrugillers v. Consolidated City of Indianapolis - The pastor, Toby Digrugillers, who is the signed Trustee of the church, is named on the appeal.The Appeal brief is on the merits of the case. 60 pages.

Appendix to above Brief - This includes the denial of the Motion for Preliminary Injunction and the Christ Universal Church v. City of Chicago. 29 pages.

Amicus Brief - The United States has filed a brief on behalf of the church. Interesting read. 25 pages.

Appellee Brief - 4-27-07 - The City of Indianapolis explains its reasoning for not allowing the church to be zoned. Notice that they explain that this is a church affiliated with Indianapolis Baptist Temple. It lists the other churches affiliated with IBT also. 26 pages.

Appellant Reply Brief - 5-8-07 - This is the reply from the Alliance Defence who is defending the Church of the West Side. 25 pages.