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L.I.M.-A and L.I.M.-Zed
Lordship International Ministries of America is a ministry of Bible Believers Baptist Church of Mesick, Michigan. Dr. Townsend is the America Director. L.I.M. of Zambia is headed up by Pastor Frazer Kane. This ministry will help fundamental Baptist churches in Zambia to be independent and autonomous by helping them establish buildings in their community in order to reach people for Jesus Christ. Please pray for this ministry, and this first church building. Also, consider supporting this ministry.
Read more about this ministry here. Also, many more pictures are on that page.
This page will show the progress of Liberty Baptist Church in Zambia as they build their church building in Kalulushi.
Building supplies bought from offering in America.
More building supplies.
Starting with two piles of sand.
Adding the Cement to the mix.
Adding the water is the next step.
Pressing the cement into the block mold.
The first block! Only thousands more to go.
Pastor Frazer working hard.
After a couple of hours of block making.
Two days work yields about 250 blocks.
The count here is 555 blocks. 300 are stacked up in the background. 1000 of these 8 inch blocks will be needed for the foundation of the building. So, they are over halfway done wiith this task. One cement bag (50 kg, 110 lb) makes about 29 of these blocks. After they are finished with the foundation, they will start making the 6 inch blocks for the walls of the building.
The men stacking the blocks on 4-25-08 before making more.
Kenny is standing next to the blocks right before they started making blocks for this day (4-25-08).
And there are 867 as of the end of work day on 4-25-08.
Now, onto making the six-inch blocks for the walls of the church building. Pastor Frazer in the ball cap is lifting the six-inch block mold to place the freshly made block in place alongside the others behind him.
Here are the group of Liberty Baptist Church men taking a short break when they saw the camera. Pastor Frazer is the one in the baseball cap, bent over still working.
A close-up of the six-inch blocks.
The six-inch (wide) blocks compared to the eight-inch (wide) blocks. You can see how the eight-inch blocks have cured and hardened while the six-inch blocks are still very moist freshly made.
There are 1,200 eight inch blocks stacked up in the background that the men made in the month of April, while the six-inch blocks are being made in the foreground.
As of 5-12-08: 178 six-inch blocks were made the first day, and since it was a "short" day, the men believe they will be able to double this output each day they make blocks in the future.
A total of 457 six-inch blocks as of Friday 5-16-08. Notice how the earlier six-inchers are starting to harden and get lighter. Shortly, they will be as white as the eight-inch blocks stacked up in the back.
Wednesday, 6-18-08: Of course in the background you can see the large stack of 1200 eight-inch blocks. But there are now as of this date 1210 six-inch blocks. They only need about 2000 more six-inchers before they can have all the blocks they need to build the church building.