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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Links I have come to enjoy:
Please Check out our Links of Sister Lordship Church Websites HERE.
Also I have added some Christian music sites that have been a blessing to me. Click the "MusicLinks" button.
I have also added a list of Web Logs that have been a blessing to me. Click on the "Weblog" button to see these. This is the site to my daughter Jennifer's ministry in Zambia. Please check this out and consider supporting her work there with the children. Thank you.

Dr. Herb Evans website- Bro. Evans is a champion for the King James Bible, and a wonderful apolgeticist, with many articles here which have appeared in Christian publications for many years. By the way, this is his "Unofficial" site.

Dr. Herb Evans' Official Website - This one includes his free e-mail groups which you can get on to receive lots of doctrinal and humorous e-mails.

Ecclesiastical Law Center- I am the Director of the East Coast Law Center and Dr. J.R. Wright is the Director of the West Coast ELC. Check it out.

Dr. Lloyd Shepherd- Our good pastor friend's website, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Union City, Indiana, and all around good guy.

Dr. Larry Lilly- This website is by our good pastor friend Bro. Lilly. This is a brand new site, so go to it and encourage him. He sends out a daily e-mail letter, and also my wife and I enjoy his monthly newsletter we get in the mail.

Who Called Us -Tired of Telemarketers calling all the time? This is a site where you can check out who it was that called and no one was on the other end of the line. When they call back, you can really have fun with them, asking how the weather is in ____________, or, offering the Caller a trade on his product versus yours - "A yearly subscription to Clam-gram. A Clam a day for the next 365 days.

Bill Gothard - Mr. Gothard has been an integral part of my life for the last 32 years. I met my wife and married thanks to his teaching. I raised and disciplined my children according to his Scriptural teaching. I even pastor the church in a way that I believe he would be pleased (although I would rather please the Lord, you understand).

The John Marshall Family - Bro. John has raised some godly children for the glory of God. We love these folks and hope you will visit their site and buy all their music.

Thomas Williamson- Some very good Baptist articles from this brother who has his ministry in Chicago. Please check out his site. He is a very good writer. I read his book on "The Waldenses Were Independent Baptists" many years ago, and it is well documented. You will be able to tell he is very discerning.

Deidre and Martin Bobgan- This is the Psychoheresy Awareness website. There are downloadable books to help you figure out who is friend or foe when it comes to Christian Counseling.

Look up any website to see its author and other information. It really comes in handy when there are no names or contact information of the site. Just type in the name (the "www." is already provided), and choose the proper ending, and you will be taken to a site that should explain all the info about the website. Try this with this site and you can see all my information.