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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Lordship Churches Across America
Please go on these church websites. It will help out their standing in search engines because of the referral from this site.
Town Center Baptist Church - This church in Portland is pastored by Dr. John Wright, Director of ELC West. This is a great church and the folks there are the best! Dr. Wright's church blog site is here.
Old Paths Bible Church - This is a new Lordship Historic Baptist Church starting in Tualatin, Oregon. It is pastored by Bro. Dan Zike. Pray for Bro. Dan, his wife Heather, and their two adorable children, as they start this church.
Church at Stampers Creek - This is another Historic Baptist Congregation, pastored by Bro. Mike Hoover. A growing and vibrant local church near Paoli, Indiana. Bro. Hoover also has a call-in radio program three times a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. "The Covenanter's Call" radio program's site is here.
Payson First Baptist Church - This church is pastored by Bro. Anthony Garrisi. It is an exciting church with many young preachers located in Payson, Arizona. They have a radio program ("Contenders for the Faith") on Monday nights that you can listen to over your computer. That website is here.
Cornerstone Baptist Church - This church in Union City, Indiana, is pastored Bro. Keith Hoover.
Berachah Baptist Church - This church is in Somerset, Pennsylvania. I have spoken there many times, and even our ELC Conference was there in 2006. A great church that preaches the word. Pastor Dale Lyzbicki is the pastor.
Faith and Family Baptist Church - This is where our friends the Cosby's are. Dr. Bob Cosby is the pastor, and it is located in Logansport, Indiana. This site is not the church's, but Dr. Cosby's personal ministry and articles.
Rocklick Hollow Historic Baptist Church - Our friend, Pastor Kevin Marshall pastors this church. We have been privileged to preach here for many years now. It is located in New Paris, Pennsylvania, close to Bedford.
Mount Zion Baptist Church - This church, located in Brogue, Pennsylvania, is pastored by Pastor Randy Starr. This church is a vibrant, growing church in York County, Pennsylvania.
The Church at Kaweah - this church in California is pastored by Pastor Warren Mark Campbell.
The Cincinnati Church - This Baptist congregation is pastored by Pastor Tim Boffey.
No, you are NOT a Lordship church. But thanks for sending us the picture, Fred.