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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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Lyrics or Sheet Music of Songs I have written:
-Thank You Dad - Lyric/Chords
-I Forgive You
-The "I" Song -LO (W/New Verses)
-To Be Used of God
-My Soul Doth Magnify (Mary's Song) -LO
SM = Sheet Music
LO = Lyrics Only
Still Working. Got a long way to go. Someday, Lord willing, all my music will be here, both sheet music and audio files. Lots of work: so little time.

Lyrics of Favorite Songs I Have Sung:

-Haircut Song

-Lonely People

-For What Earthly Reason

-Romans 8:28

-My Anchor Holds

-I Stand Redeemed

-We Are Home

-Just a Little While

-All of Me

-He'd Still Been God

-My Name is Lazarus

-Leavin' on My Mind

-Thinkin' 'Bout Home

-Bowed On My Knees

-Serenaded by Angels


-Furnish the Man, I'll Furnish the Grace

-We Are Home

-Unmerited Favor of God

-Small, Lonely Hill

-It's My Desire

Listen to a Song:

Download a few of my songs I have written in the first column. These will play on your computer. DSL - will load in a few minutes. Dial-up users, these are at least 3 meg, so be very patient. These are MPEG-4 audio files.

He's More Than Just My Savior

Story the Fairytales Fake

Over the Last Hill