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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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These are parodies which have been pretty funny over the years. Hope you can get some enjoyment out of them.
Famous Last Pictures:

AnonStar Commercial Parodies:

Because Greg Dixon was caught time and time again slinking behind the scenes, trying to get others to do his dirty work, these parodies were taken from the "On-Star" radio commercials, which are familiar to all.

Anon-Star 1- This is the commercial that started it all. After Greg Dixon shared detrimental information about a Pastor with a student in Florida, someone just couldn't pass up doing a version all their own. It really captured the situation for me in a humorous light.

Anon-Star 1A- This is the second parody call between the Student and the Teacher. When things don't work out, try, try again.

Anon-Star 2- After Dixon called Bro. Ron Cunningham to try to persuade him to stop Dr. Evans' e-mails about him, this commercial just couldn't have nailed it any better.

Anon-Star 3- Heretic Joey Faust, whom Dixon has now come out in support of his false doctrine, was supposed to debate the same young man in Anon-Star 1. I just had to show the duplicity of helping Faust.

Anon-Star 4- Most recent Anon-Star commercial, features Joey Faust again, frustrated with dealing with Dr. Evans.

The Heritage Hour- This "talk radio" show, featuring Bob McCurry, is self-explanatory. I really enjoy Dr. Evans (HE) calling into the program.

As I get older, Dr. Evans suggested I get the tricycle that he uses. It's looking better every year.


101 of the Worlds Funniest One-liners - Here is an interesting way to witness, with humor. The Gospel presentation is here also.

My reminder to myself.

These next three maybe should be on the Courtship Page. What do you think?

Yes, a good balanced marriage is a plus.

And this new seat-belt has proven to reduce accidents by 45%! Amazing!