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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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These "Blogs" are from people in our church, Bible Believers Baptist Church in Mesick, Michigan.
Bethany Townsend's Blog - This is my daughter, and she keeps a good picture journal of our lives as a family.
Jennifer Townsend's Zambia Blog - Jennifer has been in Zambia since 2003. She rarely has internet access. When she does, she puts some pictures on from her life in Zambia.
Don Fairlamb Family Blog - This is a family in our church.
Lydia's Wordpress Blog - This is Lydia Fairlamb's blog.
Marty & Rachel Roberson Blog - Marty leads the congregation each week in Scripture reading and Rachel is one of our church pianists and also plays violin and harp.
Anna Truitt's Blog - This is a new family in our church who are such a blessing. Anna Joy is the daughter who is the last child at home and keeps this blog filled with adventure (from her brother Alex) and laughter.
MaryBeth Roberson's Blog - This is a young lady in our church that plays in the orchestra her guitar and recorder.
Hannah Elliott's Horse Blog - Tony Elliott's wife is a real live Cowgirl. She trains horses when she is not training Tony (JK). Hannah plays violin in our church orchestra, and Tony is just a great guy who loves those Tigers.
Caleb Fairlamb's Blog - Very interesting things pop up here at times. Good discussions and sometimes debates. Caleb plays guitar in the church orchestra.
Hannah Templeton's Blog - Hannah was distantly related to me for a few years. I guess we are kind of like Second Cousins-in-law still.
Past Church Members who have moved away:
Dale & Michelle (Roberson) Cosby - This is mainly about Heather, their beautiful daughter. But that's okay. At least there are very few pictures of Dale (JK).
Derek & Company - This blog is done by Molly (Roberson) Marshall. They live in Pennsylvania. Most the pictures are about their handsome son Derek.
Wow! I'm embarrassed, but thanks for the vote. And "Trinity Church" is three-times better than "Unity Church!" -Dr. Ben
Other Blogs of which I am a regular reader. It is because these folks are a blessing to many with their Christian outlook on life and family.
Rhonda Cosby's Blog - Rhonda lives in Logansport, Indiana and is daughter of Pastor Bob Cosby of Faith and Family Baptist Church also in Logansport.
Amanda Cosby's Blog - Amanda is another daughter of the famous (or infamous) Pastor Bob Cosby.
The Reed Family Blog - This is a wonderful Christian family that lives in Bear Lake, Michigan. They attend Calvary Baptist Church in Manistee where Bro. Al Knutson is the pastor.
McDonnell Family Blog - This is a wonderful Christian family that lives in Illinois. I have never met them, but some families that I know are friends of this family. I keep up with them and pray for their family. Plus, I love taking their Bible Quiz. I think I have missed one question in the past year (I forget which one, but it was tricky).
The Servan Clan Blog - This family visited our church last year because they ran into several of our ladies who were out during the ladies' luncheon at our Ecclesiastical Law Center Bible Conference. They were a nice family and we have kept in touch with them by their blog. It's good to know what is going on in their lives so we can pray for them.
The Wesco Journal - This is a family that lives close to South Bend, Indiana (yeah, the Promise Land to this Hoosier). They know almost everyone we almost know but don't know it together. Like, Matt Bowman was at their church for a chalk drawing seminar and we know Matt, but they don't know we know him. Get the picture yet? Several of these (Wesco's, McDonnell's) are just good friends that we haven't met yet.
Matacchiera Family Blog - This is a missionary family to Zambia. I enjoy their stories of their ministry. We pray for them regularly. I hope you will also.
Smith Family Blog - Another missionary family in Zambia. I like following their troubles and trials and triumphs.