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Dr. Ben:

I just want to be a blessing... really.
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This current website is only temporary until I get many things changed over to the new site. Thank you and please add the new site to your "Favorites" page.




And it was not J.M. Carroll that quoted Cardinal Hosius, but Pastor Clarence Walker, fifty years the pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, who hosted Carroll's lectures early in the 1900's, and wrote the Introduction to "Trail of Blood."

"Hosius Quote" Updated

J. M. Carroll





This is Jeremy's Headstone.

If I could make a request of you, I would invite you to please check out the Tribute page to my son Jeremy on my daughter's website. The Tribute page is here.


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New Law Center Book - "APPROVED BY MAN" - Click HERE.

Also, check out the Baptist History page on the Doctrine Page. These are samples of the many documents Dr. Wright and I downloaded at the Library of Congress last November.


A new page of Lordship Churches that have websites. This will be an ongoing accumulative page. Please, if you know of a Lordship Church that is not listed, please e-mail me their website on my contact page. If I agree that they are a true Lordship Church, I'll add them to the list. Thank you.


Herb's Heresy Helps for Evangelists and Pastors. Herb Evans, the Great Apologist (my apologies if he does not like the name), deals with the false teaching of Kingdom Exclusion. Several articles and rebuttals are here.


This is a chalk drawing I did when preaching on the "Weapons of Our Warfare." A young lady at the church took pictures of the drawing and the blacklight part for her blog-site here. The pictures, which are hers, are below. Thank you, Lydia.

Black Light Chalk Drawing
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The chalk drawing itself. Then the blacklight comes on.

A New Visitor Map to follow who has hit on this page.

This reminds all of us that nothing is hidden on the internet. You are known when you visit any website.

"So, be careful little eyes what you see."

Map added January 2008

We are a long way from being finished with these pages. We trust you will be blessed with all that is here already, and realize that we will continue to add to these pages. So keep checking back often. Thank you for stopping by.

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